10 recommendations for better practice


1. Low-threshold information services should be promoted in municipalities and neighbourhoods!

2. Access to health services should be simplified for patients with chronic illness!

3. Communication between health professionals and patients with chronic illness should be improved!

4. Biographical elements should be in the foreground during initial consultations!

5. Participation, knowledge, and competences of patients with chronic illness should be promoted in concrete care situations!

6. Self-help and other support groups should be promoted!

7. Regulatory structures should promote integrated inter-professional care so that social, psychological, biomedical, and environmental factors are taken into account!

8. In integrated care systems, competencies on ensuring continuity of care should be promoted, especially for family doctors!

9. Municipalities should strengthen a socially supportive and health-promoting environment at the neighbourhood level!

10. Health and social professionals should be offered more and specifically targeted training opportunities!

The detailed described version of the 10 MIWOCA recommendations can be found here: MIWOCA Recommendations.