Interviews with women

To understand chronically ill women’s experience with health care services 48 qualitative interviews were conducted with first generation Turkish, Portuguese, German, and Swiss nationals. Interviews took place in Bern (23) and in Geneva (25). The interviews were held in the mother tongue of the respective interviewee. They were be recorded and subsequently analysed. The analysis searched for barriers determined by the system in relation to accessibility of healthcare system for women suffering from chronic illnesses.


Interviews with providers

Next to the patient’s perspective 12 qualitative interviews with professional health and social service providers were conducted. Interviewees were social workers, physiotherapist, general practitioners, psychologists as well as psychiatrist, gynaecologist, orthopaedist and rheumatologist. 6 of the interviews will be held in Bern, 6 in Geneva. Their experiences and knowledge is useful for identifying system-based barriers and facilitators to migrant health care utilization.